Dried Oregano Leaves

Growing oregano and other herbs in your own garden can give you fabulous fresh herbs during summer. But usually there are plenty herbs left at the end and you can easily dry them yourself to store them for month to come.

What you need:

fresh Oregano leaves


container with lid to store


Pick your oregano from your garden (you can use other herbs like basil or parsley as well).

Wash your herbs and dry them well, I cut the leaves of the stems after I washed my herbs but you can keep them on (it's easy to get them off after they are dried).

Set dehydrator on low temperature (95-125 degrees Fahrenheit) and set your Oregano on the tray.

Dry for 6-18 hours, depending on the humidity level of your herbs, Oregano and other herbs are dry when they crumble into pieces when you touch them.

Remove leaves from stems, if you didn't do it before.

And store in your air tide container.


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